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If you're looking to build a comprehensive email marketing strategy, then use the Topica Resource Center to get the latest and greatest webinars, tips, whitepapers and best practices.

101 Ways to Grow Your Email List

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One of the biggest struggles for email marketers is growing their email list organically. Therefore, to celebrate our 101st blog post the Topica Customer Success team put their heads together to create this practical (and a bit comical) how-to guide featuring the Topica Seal.

Creating a Successful Email

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Everything from the subject line to the appearance of your text will determine whether or not your message gets opened, read, and produces the results you want. In this whitepaper we will describe hints and tips to make sure you're getting the most out of your newsletters.

Social Media Networking

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Becoming a part of the social networking phenomenon does not mean having to take part in virtual speed dating. Read this powerpoint and learn how to get your word out to millions. Find out what all the chirping is about and why you should join in with the chorus.

Outsource vs. Inhouse

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To Outsource or Keep Email Marketing In-House? This whitepaper will look into the areas of cost, time and reliability to prove in a simple manner that the benefits of outsourcing a company's email marketing outweigh those of starting an in-house solution.

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